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divers adj : many and different; "tourist offices of divers nationalities"; "a person of diverse talents" [syn: divers(a), diverse]

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  1. plural of diver

Etymology 2


  1. alternative spelling of diverse






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Diver can mean:
  • Someone who practices scuba diving or surface supplied diving
  • An athlete who practices diving in the sense of jumping or falling deliberately into water.
  • In sports, someone who falls down without contact to con referees
  • The British English name for a group of aquatic birds of the order Gaviiformes, in North America called loons.
  • British World War II armed forces code name for the German V1 flying bomb.
    • See Operation Diver, the British countermeasures against the German V-1 flying bomb campaign
    • See Operation Crossbow: an Allied operation of the Second World War against the German rocket weapons
  • One of 2 New Zealand fish:
  • A pop/rock band from the early 1980s from northern New Jersey, U.S.
  • A transliteration of an Irish surname prevalent in Northern County Donegal, Ireland. "Duibhir" in Irish, Ó Dhuibhir in the male version and Uí Dhuibhir in the female version. Note that the aspiration of the initial consonant after Ó or Uí (male and male vesions of "from" meaning descended from) which changes the pronunciation from Dhui to Ghui in accordance with Donegl standard irish orthography. In addition the aspirated "b" denoted by "bh" in the Irish language is pronounced as a soft "v" as frequently heard in Spanish e.g Valencia. The surname is correctly pronounced when it rhymes with river or liver and not like the deep-sea diver although the spelling is identical for both words. This English language transliteration is exclusive to County Donegal. In Southern Ireland the identical Irish name, "Duibhir" is also very common but is transliterated as Dwyer (also Dwier) due to the difference in the local Gaelic pronunciation in Southern Ireland. This fact is a valuable help to those trying to localize their ancestral origins. There have been suggestions that the name is perhaps derived from dubh = "black", this, however, is pure conjecture.
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